​​Filming your wedding is an art, a way to tell a story of the uniqueness of each couple.  In a stylish way we strive to express your precious story of love and at the same time capture and preserve your memories. Our goal is to create a film that you and your loved ones would enjoy watching over and over again, and a film that would remind you every bit of the significant details from your wedding.


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              Destination Wedding Film Shoots

Kaltenbach Productions, a Premiere Creative Multimedia / Video Company that will produce and artistically handcraft your video from your conceptual idea to the screen.

​​Creative & Imaginative Storytelling

Sincerely David  Kaltenbach    Cell: 609-384-6316


Demo Wedding REEL

Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever.

Kaltenbach Productions

​​Expand your creative possibilities, envision your day and experience a soft cinematic-style flare with a filmmaker shooting your wedding.  As a director and professional filmmaker, Kaltenbach captures your imagination & story to an elevated plateau.

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