The filmmaker decides to stay behind on Long Beach Island as it is being evacuated and document Super Storm Sandy. Now available on DVD.

Bridge to Nowhere - Trailer

Rebel Redemption - Composition


Full length feature is available upon request.

Hurricane Sandy - "An L.B.I. Chronicle"

The full length feature film is about the desperate and painful experiences of a man's refusal to accept the universal microchip implant,  'the mark of the beast.'

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​Kaltenbach Productions

 An incredible story of former biker gang members whom are now Christians. This compelling and riveting script of the violent subculture world of biker gangs is an eye opener.  Former Hell's Angels, Pagans, Bandidos, Aces & Eights, etc.  members are opening the chapters of their lives in order for this documentary to be screened.  Writer / director David Kaltenbach has been given the opportunity to enter their past world and is screenwriting an interwoven tapestry of extraordinary experiences and stories. The end result and common thread for these biker survivors is that they meet at the "Foot of the Cross." 

Feature Film